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    [XEL] Adjustment starter kit and translations (#323) · af850b00
    pyXelians authored
    * [FIX RABB-1123] filter owner's events on his identifier
    * [TECH] Init default authnRequestBinding
    * [FIX TRTL-753] Init graphic identity
    * [TECH] Fix referential TU
    * [US TRTL-750] update progress bar message
    * [US TRTL-648] update elevations
    * [TECH] Update frontend-common version to 2.1.6
    * [US TRTL-738] display ken when missing translate
    * [US TRTL-734] update system customer
    * [US TRTL-751] REDESIGN - button fil ariane
    * [TECH] Update frontend-common version to 2.1.7
    * [FIX TRTL-716] avoid calling service to get profiles already loaded
    * [FIX TRTL-737] keep separator only on top of last child
    * [US TRTL-743] Fix the app engine search with translation
    * [US TRTL-754] Fix portal title & message translation
    * [US TRTL-754 TRTL-733] Create langage service & code refactoring
    * [US TRTL-646] Allow opening application with contextual menu
    * [TS TRTL-760][TRTL-759] Get app tenant in selection
    * [TECH] Update frontend-common to 2.1.8
    * [TECH] Fix exception when application service dont found the app
    * [FIX TRTL-761] fix level input focus and fix javascripts errors
    * [US TRTL-768] Fix button uppercase
    * [FIX TRTL-648] - remove elevation 0 at app launcher
    * [FIX TRTL-772] redesign of menu button
    * [FIX TRTL-642] Fix pattern label position
    * [FIX TRTL-773] fix breadcrumb style
    * [US TRTL-731] Add responsive design
    * [TECH] update frontend-common version to 2.1.9
    * [US RABB-1080] Add reporting app
    * [FIX RABB-1119-1120] Review some labels in the organizations app
    * [TS TRTL-749] Fix design on R3 component
    * [FIX TRTL-778] Fix sidenav y scrollbar
    * [FIX TRTL-787] Fix application engine
    * [FIX TRTL-791] Fix app engine click
    * [US TRTL-776] Activate lang selection from header
    * [US TRTL-776] Remove disable feature from item select
    * [FIX TRTL-780] Fix starter kit
    * [FIX TRTL-780] Fix portal scroll
    * [TECH] update frontend-common version to 2.1.10
    * [US RABB-1063] use the same date format as VITAM for external events
    * [US TRTL-770] add translation
    * FIX - mock domain input on parent tests
    * [US TRTL-793] fix vitamui-date style (and shadow on disabled items)
    * [TECH] update frontend-common to 2.1.1
    * [TECH] fix referential tests cause by domain input not mocked
    * [US TRTL-811] delete casGetResponseView page
    * [US TRTL-770] fix breadcrumb translation
    * [TECH] update frontend-common to 2.1.12
    * [US TRTL-764] [TRTL-720] managing a country service
    * [TECH] update frontend common version
    * [TS TRTL-819] Add translation to starter-kit
    * [US TRTL-600] Add users app new icon
    * [US TRTL-599] Add app customers new icon
    * [US TRTL-822] fix logout page
    * [FIX TRTL-665] Ignore translation json
    Fix redirection on translation json
    * [TECH] Improve starter-kit breadcrumb
    * [US TRTL-799] add disable option on vitamui menu button component
    * fix secondary spinner
    * [US TRTL-601] add profile user new icon
    * [US TRTL-747] REDESIGN loading  connection page
    * [US TRTL-770] add missing translations
    * [TECH] update ui-frontend-common to 2.1.15
    * [US TRTL-817] fix css more action button
    * [US TRTL-822]  fix  logout connection
    * [US  TRTL-810] fix open app with arrow key enter
    * [FIX TRTL-785] Fix infinite scroll due to responsive design
    * [FIX TRTL-809] improve vitamui-autocomplete
    * [FIX TRTL-770]  traduction on user tab
    * [TECH] upgrade to version 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT
    * [TS TRTL-748] Do not cache translation files
    * [FIX TRTL-851] Set internalCode in authUser
    * [FIX TRTL-838] fix countries display on starter kit
    * [FIX TRTL-831] Fix scroll top
    * [US TRTL-844] add missing translations
    * [TECH] update ui-frontend-common to 2.1.18
    * [US TRTL-755] update fr/en.json to meet format rules
    * [TECH] update ui-frontend-common to version 2.1.19
    * [US TRTL-865] [TRTL-834] improve responsive : overflow of tabs
    * [TECH] FIX rebase
    * [TECH] fix rebase
    * [TECH] FIX categories
    * [TECH] handle conflict
    Co-authored-by: default avatarmsayad <mahmoud.sayad@teamdlab.com>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarDelphine <delphine.coursier@teamdlab.com>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarCindy <cindy.nacibide@teamdlab.com>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarNOUMANE <ahmed.noumane@xelians.fr>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarFadil <Fadil.zemmari@xelians.fr>
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