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    [XEL] Adjustment icon and translations (#350) · 2687b9e0
    pyXelians authored
    * [TECH] Fix version quicklink
    * [FIX TRTL-851] Set internalCode in authUser
    * [US TRTL-835] Refacto of cas logo configuration
    * [US TRTL-840] add new profile supervision application
    * [TRTL-864] update arrays clicks action on starter kit
    * [FiX FOX-614] Fix display of owner code in App Organisation
    * [US TRTL-856] fix api monitoring loop result
    * [FIX RABB-1184] Remove duplicated prefix input
    * [US TRTL-840] update application name
    * [FIX TRTL-868] place overflow and ellipsis only on wanted columns
    * [TECH] update ui-frontend-common to version 2.1.22
    * [US TRTL-877] fix porfile creation pop-up
    * [US TRTL-849] frontend-common build error
    * [TECH] Improve starter-kit
    * [FIX RABB-1185] Enable descendants querying
    * [TECH] Upgrade version to 5.3.0-SNAPSHOT
    * [TRV-96] Handle build in parallel
    * [US TRTL-895]  add ROLE_UPDATE_ME_USERS to profiles
    * [TECH] Upgrade ui-frontend-common to 2.1.23
    * [TS FOX-561] Add centerCode to user
    doc: add siteCode and centerCode
    * [TS FOX-561] Add centerCode
    * [US TRTL-853] Add new app svg icons and remove icomoon app icons
    * [US TRTL-853] Add new archive & Sip seda icons
    * [US TRTL-853] Add custom app icon loader
    * [US TRTL-853] Update readme.md file
    * [US TRTL-846] add param to show actions below title
    * [TECH] udpate ui-frontend-common to version 2.1.25
    * [US TRTL-862] translate pages title
    * [US TRTL-853] Fix profiles app icon theme color
    * [US TRTL-879] add translation to ui-frontend-common
    * [TECH] update ui-frontend-common to version 2.1.26
    * [FIX TRTL-911] bottom/default tooltip start like top (at beginning)
    * [TECH] update ui-frontend-common to version 2.1.27
    * [US TRTL-890] add common class to show pagination on preview tab
    * [TECH] update ui-frontend-common to version 2.1.28
    * [TECH] Add app icon to auth list
    * [US TRTL-883] add portal svg
    * [US TRTL-882] Add new app icons
    * [US TRTL-884] Add new app icons
    * [US TRTL-926] Align existing icons
    * [TECH RABBIT] Add behavior to BaseWebClientFactory
    - Override default baseUrl
    - Build webclient without baseUrl
    * [TECH RABBIT] Fix
    * [FIX TRTL-930] fix null reference of getTranslatedCountryNameByCode
    * [TECH FIX] Fix webClient
    * [US TRTL-909] fix password forgot message
    * [TECH] Generate vitamui utility color classes
    * [TECH] Upgrade ui-frontend-common to 2.1.29
    * [TECH] Upgrade version to 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT
    * [TECH] Add autoFocus property
    * [TECH] Upgrade ui-frontend-common to 2.1.31
    * [FIX TRTL-860] change content padding left
    * [US TRTL-906] use translation for event type label
    * fix lint error
    * remove unused select
    * [US TRTL-929] improve app icon svg loading perf
    * [FIX TRTL-952] update super admin group name
    * [US TRTL-952] move script to right folder
    * [FIX TRTL-970] fix translation
    * [REC-268] FIX app referential not loading
    * [FENIX-526] Review de l'authentification mobile avec CAS (page de login) : CSS
    * [US TRTL-960] add option to allow only one selected checkbox on filters
    * [US TRTL-960] set default table header to grey 900 (text and icone)
    * [TECH] update ui-frontend-common to version 2.1.34
    * [US RABB-1253] Mass search - ArchiveType and metadata selection
    * [TRV-179] : add custom swagger activation flag
    * [FENIX-551] [XAM][QUALYS] - R5 S3 - Détection de 5 vulnérabilités de niveau 3 : Reverse proxy, add header no-Frame
    * [FIX RABB-1305] Make control value optional before trimming
    * [US TRTL-1011] Change customer wording
    * [1160] show an error message when unauthorized charcter is used for password update
    * [TECH RABB-1310] Homogenize action buttons for dual modals
    * [US TRTL-1003] lighthouse feedback
    * [TECH] update ui-frontend-common to version 2.1.39
    * Revert "[FIX RABB-1305] Make control value optional before trimming"
    This reverts commit eda85b46a4fd0993c307eb4f29a005cd5996c360.
    * [TECH] Fix rebase
    * [TECH FOX] Use vitam factory mocked explicitly
    * [TECH] Fix rebase
    * [TECH] rebase
    * [TECH] delete useless test
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