Commit 4bb91b18 authored by viscapi's avatar viscapi
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Removed unnecessary check, now using creates parameter, solves John's 3rd issue on iRODS chat

parent 5ce27ba5
...@@ -5,15 +5,10 @@ ...@@ -5,15 +5,10 @@
src: templates/irods_setup.json.j2 src: templates/irods_setup.json.j2
dest: /tmp/irods_setup.json dest: /tmp/irods_setup.json
- name: Check that iRODS hasn't been configured before
path: /etc/irods/server_config.json
register: config
- name: Execute script - name: Execute script
command: /usr/bin/python --json_configuration_file=/tmp/irods_setup.json command: /usr/bin/python --json_configuration_file=/tmp/irods_setup.json
args: args:
chdir: /var/lib/irods/scripts chdir: /var/lib/irods/scripts
when: config.stat.exists == False creates: /etc/irods/server_config.json
... ...
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